The magical and memorable event

Every event that I create, be it a wedding, party or corporate has complete individuality. Each will have a unique look tailor-made to suit the client, venue or season.

I do not have a standard style, this means I am able to create a look whether it be modern, classical, traditional, flamboyant or clean and contemporary with flexiblilty and openness, with a clear and creative approach to colour and overall d├ęcor.

I work with the clients requirements, using props and artifacts, with a passion for the dramatic involving all that is natural, flowers, foliages, plants, to blend together, to produce the final look.

I create a look that is full of atmosphere and ambience, offering you the best ideas to suit your budget. I will advise on table linen, table settings, room/marquee layouts and settings, lighting, general ingredients that will give your event that individual touch. I work with recommended partners, the best people in their craft, bringing the finesse and expertise to help deliver the magic!

Working with you

Your event may require the ultimate bespoke service, I have worked on many ocassions to transform a venue or marquee into an English Country Garden, a Zen Garden, an Asian Artists Dream, an Autumn Woodland or even a Maharaja`s Palace Courtyard, whatever your dream, it is all possible!

Bringing all of this experience, expertise and careful thought together means that your event has that individual, memorable and magical touch!

Any venue can be transformed and at any time.

David Jones Flowers - Styling and design for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, any celebration or special occasion. I class every event, be it a wedding, party, corporate, as an individual. Each will have its look tailor-made to suit the client, venue or season. Giving your event that individual, magical touch!

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